Tips on Avoiding Online Dating Scams

Tips on Avoiding Online Dating Scams

Married Dating is hot and looking for cheating housewives to hook up with online is a great thing but the internet is full of scammers and that even more the case in the online dating arena.  Scammers see a hungry market, read “easy prey” and their fun begins, and this is especially true with online dating scams.  Here are some tips to make sure that you stay in the online dating game without falling victim to some of the scams that can quickly take the wind out of your sails so to speak.

Tip #1 – Just be aware that there are scam artists out theremarried-women-looking-for-affairs

We all have email inboxes full of Nigerian email scams, trying to get you to hand over your bank account info or do a favor for them.  While 99.9% of us know that they are BS, there’s a new sucker born every minute or those emails wouldn’t still be in your inbox.  If it sounds too good to be true, just be cautious.  Also be aware, however, that there are tons of people just like yourself who are putting themselves out there and genuinely want to meet other people and “hook up”.  Don’t let the scammers ruin that opportunity for you.

Tip #2 – Never give your personal information out to someone upfront

It goes without saying that caution is key when dealing with someone that you’ve just met.  DON”T hand over your home address and telephone number.  Particularly in married dating situations, that’s just insane.  Use and take advantage of the communication devices at your fingertips – computer/laptop, chat, maybe have  a dedicated email account for this and perhaps even a throwaway cell phone if you want to get all James Bond about it.  If someone is pressing you for personal info, that’s a major red flag and you should just move on.

Tip #3 – Never Send money or do favors for people online

If someone wants you to solve their problems or loan them money, they’re just trying to take advantage of you and that is not a mutually beneficial relationship.   Everyone has problems but asking for a bailout from someone you just met online isn’t appropriate and is another red flag.  Just don’t go there.

In the end, it’s trusting your judgment and your gut feelings about a persons motives.  Yes, there is deception involved when we’re talking about married dating and people looking to have an affair but there should also be some level of trust established between the two parties before moving on to the next level.  Otherwise, you should keep searching – there are plenty of choices out there and avoid get caught up in online dating scams.