Some Online Dating Success Tips for Men

Some Online Dating Success Tips for Men

Single or married, online dating is a hit worldwide because it just plain works, or it has the potential to work.    Let’s be honest though.  It works better for some than for others and the task here is to give you some online dating success tips to even the playing field and bring you some success in the married dating game.married dating

In all, both sexes are pretty skittish about meeting someone that they’ve been chatting with online.  There are plenty of “horror stories” out there about bad dating experiences and you sure don’t want to add to them.  Women are right to be cautious, so where does that leave you?  You’re not a bad guy (let’s hope), a weirdo or a predator.

First rule of online dating is to have some patience.  Don’t press women for personal information that they are not ready to give out, particularly if she’s married.  Don’t even think that she’s ever going to give you her address and sometimes maybe not even her real name.  Get over it.  Keep conversations light and fun until there is a good comfort level built up and you think that you can suggest taking things to “the next level”.  If she thinks that you are desperate or a pervert, your chances are shot.

Be honest about your physical appearance and situation.  In married dating, there actually does need to be some level of trust so it’s best to start off by trying to be as honest as you possibly can.  Trust me, it will be respected and you’ll be rewarded for it.   Don’t hold back on posting your photo.  You’re likely not going to meet her without a pic so why expect her to do the same?

Once you do start discussing a face-to-face meeting, suggest starting out in a public place just to ease the tension.  It can be a bit out of the way if you are trying to be discreet but hooking up in a dark alley or motel room for a first time meet up is absolutely not appropriate and you’d be lucky if she showed up at all.  When you do meet, continue with the light conversation and then see where things take you from there.  You may be surprised.