Online Dating Email Tips for Men

Online Dating Email Tips for Men

It should go without saying that being successful at online dating means that you need to have some decent communication skills and these online dating email tips are going to give you a boost in that department.  A majority of your initial contact with women on these sites is going to be in writing – email, chat, instant messaging.  Here are a few tips to help in your married dating contacts online.

Your initial contact to them should be brief, courteous and to the point.  Obviously, you’re interested in her if you’re contacting her so send her a brief email or message letting her know who you are and a short explanation on why you’d like to communicate.    Don’t spend time bragging about yourself or bending over backwards trying to married women datingimpress her.

If someone sends you an initial email, be sure to reply back whether you are interested or not.  It’s just common courtesy and you’d appreciate it if someone did the same for you.  If you are interested, be sure to thank her for her interest and then begin a conversation based on her profile and interests.

Keep your initial messages brief and don’t give out any personal details too soon – particularly when dealing with married dating.  It’s ok to ask questions and be open and honest about yourself.  The things that you’re not disclosing are home address, phone number, employer, etc.    Take your time getting to know someone through emails and chat to determine if there is really a rapport there and whether or not you two are compatible to the point that you’d like to set up a face-to-face meeting.  Things that are good to ask about are interests, goals, hobbies, and any other activities that are important to you.

Things like grammar and spelling aren’t overly important but online dating does take some communication skills.  If you are lacking in these, it will be a bit more work for you.  The key is to be open and honest about it and to try to show a genuine interest in the other person.   Be respectful and get to know and get a feeling that they are also doing the same for you before taking things to the next level.