Do Married Men Visit Online Dating Sites to Cheat or Just Look at the Pictures

Do Married Men Visit Online Dating Sites to Cheat or Just Look at the Pictures

Dating sites have changed the way people date in a big way. In the past young men would go out to look for girls in social gatherings including church, weddings and clubs. Dating sites have almost replaced that. These days, most young people date online. Married dating too has come onto the scene. There are those who are out to look for lifetime partners, short time partners while others are simply out searching for short time sexual partners. Dating sites are not just for the single, married people have been frequenting the dating sites of late. This begs the question: do married men visit the online dating sites to cheat or to look at the pictures?

Most men engaged in married dating will tell you that they don’t have an affair. They just go to look at the pictures, read the profiles and flirt a bit with the girls on the dating sites. It has come to be known that somemarried datingmarried men actually sign up and date the girls with an intention of cheating on their wives. The not so-shocking thing is that a large percentage of men registered and active on dating sites are either married or in a monogamous relationship.

Of course now there are even sites that are specifically meant for married men who want to have an affair though married, such as AffairsClub, Ashley Madison, etc.   This may not sound very alarming since men have been cheating on their wives since time immemorial, but considering that those sites have millions of members, it is really something to think about.  What’s more is that the ratio of men to women on these sites is equalizing by the day, meaning that more and more women are jumping into the married dating pool.

So many men have been caught on married dating sites, pornography sites and even escort service sites.  When a man is found on these sites and confronted, he usually always has a ready answer. They simply say that they visit the sites to admire the pictures of the pretty girls posted on the sites; not to have an affair. In some instances, they can even claim that they were looking to see whether their wife had any secret ad on the site.

However, the faithful wives out there have found some investigation agencies that specialize in tracking men suspected to be cheating on their wives using the married dating sites. Such agencies can present you with enough evidence with which to confront the man if it’s true that he has been engaged in a married affair. With solid evidence, it may be eaiser to confront your man and force the truth out of him.  If on the other side of the coin, and the one using the married dating sites, be aware and take precautions if you really want to keep your actions private.