5 Online Dating Tips for Men

5 Online Dating Tips for Men

Online dating and now married dating through online sites has become very big in recent years.    It’s popular because it’s convenient and seems to streamline the courtship process a bit.  There are many men, however, who simply do not “get” how to properly go about meeting and conversing with women online and thus crash and burn just about every time.  Here are a few online dating tips for men:

Tip #1 – Be Honestmarried dating

Not sure how many times we have to say this, but guys just seem to feel the need to lie through their teeth.  Here’s the deal – when you meet, she’s going to see what you look like and going to notice that you’re not funny or not a neurosurgeon.   Women will respect your honesty and self-effacement more than a bunch of BS.

Tip #2 – Be Patient

Women are concerned about their safety when it comes to meeting men online – and rightly so.  The internet is a virtual breeding ground for predators and you need to show some sensitivity and patience and until she is comfortable with the fact that you are not one of them.   Don’t push for personal information or be overly aggressive in your correspondence.

Tip #3 – Avoid Sexually Suggestive Language and Pics

Ok – I know that married dating is, for the most part, about “hooking up” but many women are still cautious (see Tip #2) and emailing her a pic of your shlong isn’t going to shoot you to the top of her list.  Nor is overly suggestive language, unless you get very clear signals that it is welcome and encouraged.  If that is the case, then go for it.  Otherwise, you’re going to lose many more prospective dates than you will gain with this tactic.

Tip #4 – Don’t Send Out Form Emails

Don’t send out the same lame email to every woman on the dating site.  They’re not stupid and will know it’s generic.  Be specific and show some genuine interest in her and who she is.

Tip #5 – Let Her Set the Pace

I know that’s a tough one but, again (Tip #2).   It’s her call – Let her set the tone for the progression and don’t push for a meet too soon.  You are fine letting her know what you’d like but then you need to be patient.  If it’s not moving along to your satisfaction, perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere.

Follow these tips and you will see your success rate with your married dating endeavors go through the roof.